“It Takes a Community”— How You Helped Passion Heal

Moving Forward

Before coming to the Mission, Passion’s life was spiraling out of control. “My life felt like a merry-go-round—going in circles, no matter how hard I tried to get back on my feet.”

To cope with stress and emotions, she turned to drugs. Her relationship with her young son was strained, and Passion felt alone in her struggles. Soon they were homeless, unsure of where to go or what to do next.

Eventually, Passion came to the Naomi Family Residence. With her guard up, she was hesitant to enter the full-time program. When Passion and her son arrived, though, they immediately felt at home.

Passion realized she didn’t have to go through life’s ups and downs alone. With the help of staff members, she began healing from her past. “I was holding onto baggage that got too big for me to carry. I didn’t even know I had it.”

“It’s a family thing. Being at Naomi is the true definition of ‘it takes a community.'”

Thriving Relationships

One of the best things she’s gained is a restored relationship with her son. When they first came to Naomi, he was shy and isolated. Now, he has friends and helps Passion stay grounded. “Since coming into Naomi, he’s able to open up to me now. We talk about everything.”

Passion is also a role model for newer women at Naomi, starting a tradition of weekly student-led devotions. Remembering her first day in the program, she wants to comfort and support others who don’t know what to expect. “It’s a family thing,” she explained. “Being at Naomi is the true definition of ‘it takes a community.’”

A New Season

Ecclesiastes, Passion’s favorite book in the Bible, helps her understand everything has a season. She knows God is with her, despite what she may be feeling. Seasons change, but Passion is moving forward. She’s not doing life alone, and she has faith to humbly trust God. Since graduating from the program, surrounded by supportive family, Passion is working toward her goals.

Because of your support, Passion is back on her feet and equipped for the future. She’s excited to continue her journey, confident and bold. “Being on the right path is not always easy, but the blessing might be at the end of that path,” Passion said. “I don’t see myself going backwards.”