UGM Twin Cities gives Erik a new beginning

Watch Erik’s story of transformation

Erik first experimented with drugs as an escape from his problems when he was just a kid.

As he grew into a talented musician, his attraction to drugs grew deeper. By high school, getting high and playing music were hopelessly linked and Erik found himself trapped in addiction.

“In 25 years, my longest period of sobriety was 69 days,” says Erik.

“In 25 years, my longest period of sobriety was 69 days,” says Erik.

He Knew He Needed More

When he hit rock bottom, Erik turned to the Yellow Pages to find help. He knew he needed more than weekly meetings, he needed long-term help — not just to get him off the drugs and alcohol — but completely out of his current lifestyle.

But the first in-patient addiction recovery program Erik called cost thousands of dollars. Shocked at the high cost of getting help and deeply discouraged, he said, “Thank you, but no.”

Allowing God to Change His Life

The woman’s response to Erik surprised him even more. She said, “There’s this place in St. Paul called Christ Recovery Center…”

Erik called Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, entered our Christ Recovery Center and allowed God to change his life.

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