Loaves and fishes and new life in the Twin Cities

Remember the miracle of the loaves and fishes?

Jesus had been preaching all day. Now it was dinnertime and the crowds were hungry. The disciples said, “Let’s send them away into the town.” But Jesus said, “You feed them.” He then accepted a little boy’s lunch — and multiplied it to feed more than 5,000.

Seeing the Need

Notice the order of things. First, people were hungry.

Each meal you provide at the Mission costs just $1.96!

Seeing the need, a little boy offered his lunch. Not much, it would seem . . . but more than enough in Jesus’ hands. Jesus’ timing, we are reminded, is always perfect!

This month, we are seeing God use your kindness to do another miracle. Thousands of hungry people are coming to the Mission.

Seeing the need, faithful friends like you are giving — but the need seems so much greater than what we can collect.

Each meal costs just $1.96!

Lives Are Being Changed Forever

With our combined generosity, I’m confident God will provide enough to feed everyone who comes through our doors for help.

Amazing, isn’t it? People are being fed. Faith is being rekindled. Lives are being forever changed.

And this time, you are right in the middle of what God is doing to restore hope to our city. Thank you for listening and responding so generously.

Ken Peterson

Executive Director




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