When Christmas is filled with nothing but regrets

Overcoming the pain of the past

In 2009, Josh made one of the biggest mistakes of his life . . . His 10-year-old daughter had been looking forward to coming over to Daddy’s house for a big holiday dinner.

But Josh was using drugs again and didn’t want his little girl to see him high. So he simply failed to show up. No phone call. No “Sorry, honey.” Nothing.

The Pain of Bad Decisions

A few days later, Josh tried to cover his tracks by telling his daughter that his car had broken down and he couldn’t call because his cellphone wasn’t working. But she didn’t believe him.

“I know what was going on, Dad . . . you were getting high!”

“I can’t change the past . . . I wish I could but I can’t,” Josh says. “All I can change is what I do today.”

Five years later, Josh is still paying the price. “I’ve got to prove that I can be a dad again . . . that I can remain sober . . . and not just for 30 days. Maybe then we can reconnect.”

The pain of past decisions still weighs heavy on Josh’s heart.

A Part of Something Bigger

Since coming to live at our Christ Recovery Center, Josh’s days are now filled with classes, recovery meetings and daily Bible studies. He also has a full slate of activities off campus, from volunteering in the community to helping out at his church in Bloomington.

“It feels good to help other people,” he says. “It makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger.”

Josh will be a part of something even bigger — the celebration of Jesus’ birth and the new life He offers to all those who come to the Mission.

And he couldn’t be more excited.

Finding Hope for New Life

“I can’t change the past . . . I wish I could but I can’t,” Josh says. “All I can change is what I do today.”

Most of the men and women who come into the Mission are carrying painful memories from the past.

But God is changing all that. Through your gifts, they are rediscovering joy. And finding hope for new life.


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