56 years later, camp still feels like yesterday

You can change lives through Gospel Hill Camp

It’s been 56 years since Albert attended summer camp. And he still remembers every detail like it was yesterday.

“We used to play football and basketball together. Attended movie nights (Davey Crockett was pretty popular in those days). Went swimming,” Albert remembers. “The camaraderie was the best. It was like we were a gang . . . but we didn’t get into trouble. We were good kids.”

Because of you, the Gospel Hill Summer Camp has been changing the lives of inner-city kids for 84 years.

Though many kids from different minorities went to camp, there was no feeling of prejudice, he says. “Once you walked onto the grounds, everybody was equal,” he says.

The Best Experience a Kid Will Have

Over the years, Albert has been a foster dad to more than 100 kids — and every one of them has gone to camp, he says proudly.

“Camp provides some of the best experiences a kid will ever have,” he says. “Horseback riding. Hiking. Swimming. Fishing. It certainly changed my life for the better.”

Because of you, the Gospel Hill summer camp  has been changing the lives of inner-city kids for 84 years. And because of dads like Albert, it will keep changing lives for generations to come.


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