“If I can do it, you can.”

Chris’s Story

Chris was a good kid from a family of cops — the last kid you’d expect to choose drugs. But when his parents’ marriage fell apart, so did Chris.

“I was the youngest — I took it harder.” Chris rebelled, “I picked up some of the wrong friends … by the time I figured out, ‘Hey, maybe these aren’t the best people,’ I already had a bad addiction to drugs and alcohol.”

Besides peer pressure, why drugs?

“It was a good escape; it just felt good. Running and hiding from myself — I didn’t want to be myself then.”

His Problems Wrecked His Relationships

Flunking junior college, Chris hopped around, working at various family-owned businesses. He fell in love, and had two kids. But overwhelmed by responsibility, his drug use escalated.

Chris remembered the Mission and his promise to his dying mother.

“I began using every day,” he says.

Ultimately, his problems wrecked his relationship.

After another relapse, his mom, who was dying of cancer, asked Chris to enroll in Union Gospel Mission’s Christ Recovery Center (CRC), where his uncle had gained his sobriety. He promised he’d consider it.

A Promise to His Dying Mother

He tried another program that was too lax and he failed. But then Chris remembered the Mission and his promise to his dying mother. Soon he was enrolled in the recovery center.

The program was tough for Chris, but he didn’t give up. Now he’s graduated, and he’s excited about his future. The best part of the program? “Real friendships — people who really care.” In his past, so-called friends took advantage of him when he was high.

This Place is Doing Something Right

Now Chris is excited by his new job as a resident manager at CRC, helping other men enter the program.

He says, “This job will be like coming home.”

Chris wants to let them know:

“If I can do it, you can do it.”

He says, “Other places beat you down — here, they say, it’s OK — you’re a human being… this place is doing something right. The spirit of the place, the love, and fellowship heal people. You can’t manufacture it.”

“Look at me now. I’m here 3 years later, working to help people.”

Chris has come home, full circle.

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