Back from the brink: A story of resurrection

Thank you for giving hope through Christ’s love!

Thomas always feared this day would come…

Now he was lying helplessly in a hospital bed with failing kidneys and a meth addiction that he knew was killing him.

Feeling that death was inevitable, Thomas was about to give up when he sensed God speaking to him. “You’ll be okay,” he believes God told him. “Things will get better.”

But how, he wondered?

It’s Time For a Change

Thomas’s life had been a wreck since he was a teenager. His mother was an alcoholic and a cocaine addict who often abused him, physically and emotionally.

When he was 13, he’d decided, “I can’t handle this anymore,” and left home.

It was Thomas’s father who finally forced him to take a good, hard look at his life. “Son, you have your whole life ahead of you but your drug addiction has reduced you to skin and bones,” he told Thomas. “I love you but it’s time for change.”

His Life Was Transformed

That eventually led Thomas to Union Gospel Mission, where his life was transformed — thanks to your generous gifts.

“This just feels like home,” he says. “There are so many opportunities here. They help you get through school. They help you find a job. They help you get sober. I’m here to grow up and get my life back.”

Rebirth, change, new life. That’s what your giving means to Thomas — and hundreds of others looking to escape the despair that comes with homelessness.

Thank you for reminding them of the hope that’s possible through Christ’s unfailing love — and the work of the Mission.

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