David was unprepared for the bitter winter cold. Then your gift saved his life.

David was not prepared for subfreezing temperatures last winter. All he had was a backpack and a jacket to ward off the bitter cold and freezing winds.

He could have easily died on the streets…except for 2 things.

1) David had a stubborn will to live.

“I didn’t have a sleeping bag, a tent or even a blanket,” he remembers. “I slept on a bed of leaves, using my backpack for a pillow. At night, I’d build a fire — which meant I smelled like smoke every morning.

As tough as it was physically to survive the chilling temperatures, it was even tougher emotionally. “It’s absolutely absurd living outdoors in wintertime,” he said. “You’re depressed and you don’t feel good about yourself.”

He could just imagine others thinking…Is this guy a drug addict? Is he mentally ill? Why can’t he hold a job? “You have to turn off your emotions. You can’t look people in the eyes. It’s tough.”

2) He had caring people like you looking out for him through their support of Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities.

Your faithful and generous gifts made it possible for him to come here and enjoy a hot meal, get a bed, and receive the kind of encouragement and guidance that can redeem a man whose spent years struggling with alcohol.

“I’m not a young guy,” he said. “Living on the streets is not for me anymore.”

David’s past is now just a fading memory. He used to eat seed corn to survive. Would sleep along the railroad tracks by the Kellogg Bridge. Working temporary jobs just to survive another day.

Today, thanks to you (and the life-changing programs at the Mission) he’s achieved sobriety. Is learning new job skills. And is even rebuilding broken family relationships.

“They’ve seen what I’ve been through,” he says. “They know I’m trying.”

Winters in the Twin Cities can be brutal — especially for the homeless. Many are suffering. Some may not survive this winter. But your gift today can rescue them from the bitter cold, and maybe even save their lives! Every $6 you give provides a hot meal and a warm bed — planting seeds of hope where there is now only despair. Please give now. Lives are hanging in the balance.