Everyone’s a winner in this “Soup-er Bowl!”

Soup for the Homeless Soul

When I was growing up, I loved playing outside — even when temperatures dipped below freezing.  So when it was time to come in for lunch, my mom always made sure she prepared something that would warm us.  Oftentimes, it was a bowl of soup.

I can still remember gently cupping that bowl with both hands, in no real hurry to eat…just warming my hands while the wonderful aroma filled our tiny dining room.

Those days taught me something special about the power of hot soup on a cold day…

More than just filling me up, that soup was a reminder that Mom loved me.  While I was playing outside, Mom was working hard – cutting vegetables, slicing up chicken, adding just the right seasonings…  All so us kids would have something comforting to warm us up.

Now THAT’S love!

Each winter, the Mission serves soup to the homeless for the very same reasons.  We want to fill them up with something warm and tasty because we know many of them will be going back to the streets.  But more than just satisfying their hunger, we want them to know — like Mom did for us — that they are loved.  First by God.  But also by all of us at the Mission.

Want to send a message of love to your homeless neighbors this winter?

Join us for our annual Soup for the Homeless Soul event.  This is your chance to enjoy lunch on us, a delicious bowl of soup skillfully prepared by local chefs.  You even get breadsticks and a beverage along with your soup.

Cost?  Free, although we encourage you to purchase one of the many beautifully handcrafted pottery bowls, mugs and vases that will be available for a donation of $15 or more. All of the proceeds benefit the Union Gospel Mission.

Here are all the details:

Saturday, March 19
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Union Gospel Mission Men’s Center
435 University Ave. E.
St. Paul

So let’s recap…

A bowl of soup that’s a throwback to your days as a child.  The chance to take home a ceramic soup bowl, reminding you of a simple way to show love to those coming off the streets.  And, if you will be so generous, a donation of $15 or more to help feed and care for homeless men and women right here in the Twin Cities.

Mom would be so proud of you!

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