Get me out of here!

That was Michael’s heartfelt prayer after waking up from a hard night of partying. He found himself in his friend’s basement, where it was so dark he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face.

Scared and disoriented, he got down on his knees and prayed with a fervor he didn’t know he had.

“God, I can’t promise you anything, but if you get me out of here, I’ll try to do whatever you ask!”

This “foxhole prayer” worked! Suddenly he saw a glow stick shimmering dimly in the dark. He used it to make his way out of that basement—and got to the Mission three days later, with no shoes on!

That was 18 months ago. Now he’s graduated from the Mission’s WorkNet job training program, where he realized he’d be happiest serving God through ministry. You provided that!

And thanks to you, he no longer hears the enemy of his soul taunting him, hissing:

“I’ve got you now. You’re mine!”

Your gifts offered Michael the counseling, guidance, and prayer that moved him away from his drug-fueled past.

Remembering those dark days at the height of his addiction, Michael says, “I now know what evil is all about and I know what God is all about.”

“I choose God!”

Just like that glow stick led Michael out of a dark basement, you were the “light” that led him to the Mission. In fact, you saved his life!

“If it wasn’t for the Mission I’d be dead,” he believes. “I would have killed myself.”

This Easter season, your gifts are providing Michael with new life. You would hardly recognize him now. He’s all smiles. You gave him his joy back and gave him a path to a brand-new life!

Tonight, hundreds of men and women living in “darkness” need someone to point the way to hope. Your gifts provide the “light” they need to find their way again. Please respond generously today to help your neighbors in need.

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