A Crisis At Christmas

“I’m changing from the inside out!”

Jorrdan didn’t even realize it was Christmas Day.

The uncle he lived with had grown tired of his 12-day binges, his sleeping in and missing work. He finally gave Jorrdan an ultimatum: Go to treatment or live on the streets!

“I didn’t want to become homeless, so I had no choice,” Jorrdan remembers. Halfheartedly packing his suitcase December 25, “I was still 80/20 whether I even WANTED help.” His old life of unhealthy choices since age 12 still pulled at him. His single dad had done everything he could to lead him down the right path. This time, Jorrdan had to help himself!

“I knew if I didn’t get help now, I never would. Then my life would be stuck!” he says.

Following treatment, he knew he needed more help. Wanted God in his life.

That’s when he came to the Mission after a Google search. For the first time, he prayed a serious prayer:

“Lord, this is it. I give my heart to you from here on!”

That’s when your gifts really kicked in. Through the Mission’s Discipleship program, Jorrdan has knocked down all the roadblocks that stood in his way. He’s forgiven the hurts of the past and begun fixing broken relationships. God is teaching him new things every day!

“I couldn’t do any of this without being at the Mission!” he gushes.

Now he’s returning the favor–by becoming a powerful role model for the guys around  him. All of this, because of your gifts and care.

“I’m changing from the inside out,” Jorrdan says. “Being here has given me the chance to turn my life around. It’s such a blessing to be here!”

Today, Jorrdan has a fresh start. Like the shepherds following the star, he was led to the Savior–all thanks to you!



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