Damien Was Knocking On Death’s Door

The first thing you notice about Damien? His joy for life. But he hasn’t always been this excited.

Just last January, he was trapped outside after being evicted from his apartment. Locked out and with nowhere to go, he was cold, shaky. Scared as the temperatures dipped well below freezing. To make matters worse, sickness shrouded him like a cloud, setting the cold even deeper into his bones.

Desperate for shelter one night, Damien found an unlocked but unheated park bathroom nearby. he tried sleeping on the cold concrete floor. But concrete holds its cold–he lay shivering through many nights, alone and scared.

In the mornings, he cleaned up in a coffee shop bathroom, slicking his hair back so one suspected anything was wrong. He sat in the shop with a cup of water, reading the paper and trying to fit in with everyone else.

“The magnitude of what I had done…hit me at that moment”

The day finally came for him to retrieve his belongings in his lost apartment, Damien couldn’t believe the number of bottles he hauled to the trash–a tell-tale sign of the life he’d been living!

As he continued packing his belongings, an old cell phone dropped out of a jacket pocket. The first number that came up when he charged it up? His old A.A. sponsor.

“The magnitude of what I had done to my life hit me at that moment,” Damien explains. “I fell on the heap on the floor crying. I knew God was calling out to me!”

Scared, he called an old friend for help. He picked Damien up the next morning and dropped him off at the very best place: The Mission’s Christ Recovery Center.

A year later, Damien says “the Mission saved my life. I was literally at death’s door. This place is beyond words. It’s the best kept secret in Minnesota!”

Damien now sees God in everything here: the meals, the clothing, the safe shelter, and in his miraculous recovery. “I have a new way to live, and my family back in my life,” Damien says. “Now I have hope. And I’m changed from the inside out!”

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