The Good News of the Cross


This Easter season, the story of Jesus on the Cross reminds us that there is hope for everyone.

The most hardened criminal.

The ex-con.

The person deep in addiction.

The person plagued by mental illness.

We want our students and guests to know that everyone can find new life and a fresh start through Jesus. He is our only hope, our only way to salvation in this life and the next. With him we have abundant life. Through him we have hope to the full.

When they learn that Jesus put the nails in the coffin of their sin, that’s good news. When they hear, maybe for the first time, that God can unshackle them from their bondage, that’s good news. When they hear that Someone cares enough to die on the Cross for them, that’s good news.

And when they hear that no one is too old, too broken, to be forgiven and start anew, that’s great news. Because of Jesus’ love at the last hours of his life, even a hardened criminal on the cross next to Him was told, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.”

This word gives hope to students and guests who need to hear it, many of whom think they’re too deep in sin to ever be saved.

At Easter and throughout the year, we let them know that’s not true–by sharing the good news in our chapel services, held daily since 1902–that’s over 42,000 services where we tell people that new life is possible.

We share it in our life-saving programs, like our Christ Recovery Center and our Discipleship program for men, and our women’s and youth programs.

Every deserves a second chance, a fresh start, a new life. And Jesus provides it.

Thanks to you, lives are being changed through the good news of the Cross. This Easter, may you have a fresh understanding of this good news and what it means for your life.

He is risen indeed. Happy Easter!



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