Another Life Saved, Thanks To You

Tony battled meth and cocaine addiction for decades. He started using because it made him feel accepted by his peers. Eventually, he lost everything from it: his wife, his kids, his job.

The last time he went “out there,” his daughter had just been diagnosed with a serious illness. He figured that was as good a reason to use as any.

“I thought that God didn’t like me anymore,” Tony explains. “I cashed out my 401K and went on a $4,000 bender.” The results weren’t good, he explains. He went into a reverse drug psychosis that caused hallucinations, like people crawling out of trees and people following him around with cameras.

“I lost my mind and tried to kill myself,” Tony confesses. “I was driving down roads I had known all my life but was lost, just lost. I ended up going to a mental hospital for help.”

A weight lifter, Tony came to the Mission on the recommendation of his good friend and trainer. By the time he was released from the hospital, a bed at the Christ Recovery Center had opened up.

It was hard to be at the Mission at first. “I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into,” he says. “But it hit me when I went to the hospital for a medical procedure and the lady asked me what my address was. I realized I didn’t have one.”

At the Mission, Tony is learning to trust God. “I feel God’s peace here,” he explains. “I know everything will be okay as I learn to trust him. I’m in God’s word everyday. It’s renewing my mind.”

Eventually, Tony hopes to use his experiences to help others. He just started working in the Mission’s vocational training program as an intern, and may have a ministry someday that works with people facing homelessness or addiction.

It’s because of people like you that Tony got a second chance. THANK YOU.


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