Hope from Opioid Addiction–At The Mission

Opioid addiction is becoming an epidemic in the United States. According to a study by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, opioid drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death, causing over 20,000 deaths annually in recent years.

The Mission saved my life. My doctor told me I didn’t have overdosing in me anymore …  The CRC has everything; I’m not worried about or wanting for anything. -Greg

A Growing Problem

Opioid addiction is taking over the lives of people in the inner cities as well as urban neighborhoods. Although this widespread epidemic may seem daunting, there is hope.

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is effectively addressing this problem through the addiction recovery programs offered at the Christ Recovery Center.

Time to Heal

What makes our addiction recovery program so effective? Our program provides participants with addiction counseling, Bible classes, housing, and so much more. Because our program is funded by donations, our participant’s time here is not limited by what is covered by insurance. In other words, our recovery counselors are able to spend as much time as possible investing in the lives of the men in the program.

“You can’t learn how to undo 30 years of addiction in 30 days,” says CRC director Chris Suerig. “Union Gospel Mission is different from other treatment programs because we are able to give our students the time they need to fully recover.”

After completing medical detox, addiction counselors from the Mission are ready and willing to provide people with recovery resources and show them the love of Jesus Christ. “Addiction knows no gender, race, or background,” Suerig continues. “That’s what makes it so baffling.”

Jesus, The True Source of Hope

Addiction to opioids and other drugs can become a real struggle for anyone. Here at Union Gospel Mission, it is our priority to help men and women battling addiction to recover from their struggles and find faith in Jesus Christ, the true source of hope.


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