Doctors Gave Him 12 Months to Live…

How would you feel if the doctor said you had 12 months to live? Terry should have felt angry, sad, or in denial. Instead, he laughed!

People like you gave him that positive outlook. Because you provided a chance for him to heal from years of addiction, he could look death in the eye and know that God had his hand on the whole situation.

“Thanks to the Mission for saving my life!”

For years, he had run away from God, starting from when he quit high school right before graduation and took a welding job in another state. What followed was years of working all over the world on large water towers.

The problem was, Terry discovered drugs and alcohol along the way. He worked hard and partied harder. He gained jobs and lost them in an endless cycle, becoming homeless numerous times over the years. Even a stint in the Navy that should have provided structure ended tragically.

That’s why, just a few years ago, Terry finally decided he needed a change. Because of people like you, Terry recovered from addiction and realigned his life with the values God and the Mission instilled in him. “Before, I didn’t know how to be responsible,” Terry says. “Now I’ve gained self-respect.”

So when Terry heard the terrible health news, he was ready, thanks to the healing he received at the Christ Recovery Center. “I decided I wanted to die with dignity,” he says. “So I entered a clinical trial to help the medical community and save other people’s lives, if not my own.”

Thankfully, the treatment sent his death-sentence into remission. A year and a half later, he’s feeling great and even gone back to work.

Terry’s life is welded back together! He’ll tell you, everything has changed for the better. He’s well into recovery from addiction, he’s restoring relationships with family members, and he’s getting his finances back in order after years running from his problems. Getting healed from his physical illness was just one of many ways God showed up in his life, thanks to your care. “I came to the Mission looking for a miracle, not just to get sober,” Terry says. “And I got one over and over.”

“My family knows the power of God is at the Mission,” he continues. “They’ve seen it in me, Even my family asked me to pray for them recently because they know the power of God is here. Thanks to the Mission for saving my life!”

Interested in meeting Terry? You’re invited to a special free breakfast to hear more about the ways gifts from people like you have impacted his life.

Saturday, June 23, 2018 | 9-10:30 a.m.
Union Gospel Mission Men’s Campus Chapel
435 University Ave. E., St. Paul
RSVP Now or call 651.789.7564.




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