“This Place Changed My Life”

Because of people like you, Lazarus is getting a fresh start. But he’s got a long way to go. Here’s why …

He grew up in a tough inner-city neighborhood where family and friends committed acts he’s not proud of. They introduced him to illegal activities as young as 7 years old.

“It never felt right, but it’s all I knew,” Lazarus admits.

“If I wasn’t here I’d be dead or in jail.”

Then one late night when he was just 17, a rival gang drove by and shot at him, killing his young friend. “That incident pushed me over the edge,” Lazarus says. “I realized right then the streets were not for me.”

His heart heavy, Lazarus quit school soon after.  He moved away from the neighborhood and started working and going back to school, but it didn’t last.

For a few years, he straddled between street life and stability, unsure where he belonged. Then, when he lost his only place to live, he did a quick Google search for homeless shelters and found YOUR Mission.

“I didn’t know anyone could help me, and I didn’t have a plan when I got here,” Lazarus remembers. “I just needed a place to stay.”

Here, he discovered the Discipleship program.  Now he studies the Bible, works for the Mission through the work therapy program, and is in the LifeNet program.

“I’m halfway through my GED,” he says. “I’m very proud of that. I’m feeling more confident that I can finish.”

His time here has also led Lazarus to God, who is teaching him to slow down and serve others. “I attribute all of the changes in my life to prayer,” Lazarus explains.  “I’m learning to give my burdens to God and listen to Him.”

Now Lazarus knows he can do anything he sets his mind to if he keeps God first. Just like his biblical namesake, you’re raising him from the dead!

“If I wasn’t here I’d be dead or in jail,” Lazarus believes. “This place changed my life!”

With your help, Lazarus can earn his GED and be on his way to a new life. Help him today to finish strong.

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