The Heat is On

Summers can be deadly in the Twin Cities.

Without your help, many have no way to escape the heat and humidity. Even in the shade, cramps and heatstroke can occur—especially for older adults and people living with serious health issues.

People like Michael.

In his 60s, he lived outside in the scorching heat for eight dreadful summers. Chronic health problems and a relentless addiction to alcohol nagged at him, threatening dehydration. He slept alone under bridges and other dangerous places that whole time without help or hope.

“I was destroying my life.”

Living with a severe respiratory illness, Michael could barely breathe in the thick, muggy air. The stress of being homeless worsened his symptoms. He locked up his emotions inside, making himself even sicker from depression and loneliness.

“I was destroying my life,” he says now.

Last August, Michael came to the doors of the Mission, anxious and shaky from years on the streets. He had questions—who can I trust? What’s going to happen to me? But he took a chance on the Mission.

Thanks to you, Michael has programs to help him succeed—like LifeNet Adult Education and Training, work therapy, and the mental health clinic. He’s been sober for two years and has reconnected with his family—including two sets of twin grandchildren.

These days, he’s thankful that God wakes him up every morning. “It’s a wonderful feeling,” he says. “I used to be ashamed. Now, I’m doing something that benefits me and God.”

This summer looks brighter than ever.

On the heels of another scorching summer, Michael says he’s thankful to finally be off the streets. “I need to take good care of myself from now on and stay closer to God. I couldn’t have done any of that without the Mission.”

“I didn’t believe in myself before,” he says.” But now I do. Today, the doors are wide open.”

Meet Michael

You’re invited to our next Breakfast with a Student event on July 20 from 9-10:30 a.m. at the Mission’s Men’s Campus featuring Michael. Enjoy a light breakfast, hear the rest of his story, and take a tour. RSVP now, or call 651.789.7564.

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