“Happy Hour Wasn’t Happy For Me.”

Yoseph never thought he’d become homeless.

Thanks to people like you, he found a way out that changed everything.

Back in his home country, Yoseph had survived famine, war, and political unrest. So when he was awarded a one-way ticket to the United States in an immigration lottery, he thought his worst days were behind him!

Yoseph worked hard as a new citizen and eventually landed in Minnesota with almost nothing other than the shirt on his back. But he felt content with a simple life.

All that ended abruptly when the restaurant where he worked closed, and he couldn’t find another job. Soon he lost his apartment and was kicked to the streets.

He had no place to go.

He soon became homeless, wandering aimlessly in the skyways in downtown St. Paul for days on end. After everything he’d been through, and now this?

“I’m not the same person.”


“I went on a wrong path leading to distress,” Yoseph explains. “Happy hour wasn’t happy for me. I had shame and questions I needed answered.”

He came to the Mission for meals, but didn’t believe his life could ever improve. God was calling Yoseph to get help, but he questioned Him; how could he be worthy of saving?

Thanks to you, Yoseph now knows he is! Here, he has experienced God’s tender mercy. “It’s God’s grace I’m here,” he says with a shy smile.
“I’m not the same person.”

Yoseph has embraced all the resources you’ve provided him. You’ll often find him in the Discipleship kitchen, eager to share special recipes he’s prepared using spices and homemade sauces.

And Yoseph is cooking up a new life for himself too, thanks to you. He is discovering God’s purpose for his life and overcoming challenges from the past. For him, surrender is key. “When I give everything up, God shows amazing acts,” he believes.

“I’m not the same person,” Yoseph says. “Here at the Mission, God gave me an opportunity. I want to share what He’s done with the younger students here to encourage them to grow in their faith.”

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