Homelessness Survey

Last May 2019, we included a State of Homelessness survey in our Twin Cities Messenger newsletter so you could give us your thoughts about the causes of homelessness, the role of spirituality in helping someone who is homelessness, and the importance of community partnerships to help solve the crisis of homelessness in our state. Below is a summary of the results.

Causes of Homelessness

Answers varied, yet the overwhelming response was that mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, and a lack of family support are the primary causes of homelessness. Your gifts address these problems in a holistic way by supplying food and shelter along with mental health support, a recovery program, discipleship, and personalized care that changes lives. When you give, you offer all of that, plus a strong healing community for people feeling alone and troubled by the problems of the world. 

Faith and Recovery

Almost all our respondents indicated that faith in God is essential to life-long recovery from homelessness. This is what sets the Mission apart. According to the 2018 Wilder Homeless Study, the population of homeless adults in Minnesota has increased 25% from 2015, particularly among people 55 and older. Still, God is moving in the Mission, and he is moving in our students.

Responses to Homelessness

About half of the respondents said they prayed for people who are homeless they saw on the streets, and the other half said they did nothing. Others said they offer money or a Ticket of Hope, or point them to a safe location.

As helpful as the other approaches can be, the Ticket of Hope is the best way to respond! It provides a free meal and contact information for all the Mission’s offerings. Print off yours here. And when you hand it out, remember to smile and say hello so your homeless neighbor feels less invisible.

If you want to support people facing homelessness in an even greater way, become a financial partner here at the Mission through a Supper Club monthly donor membership. Contact Donor Services at 651.789.7558 for next steps.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You’re changing lives!

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