“I was at death’s doorstep.”

The jail cell door clanged shut, echoing in Jason’s ears. Sitting on the bed, his life flashed before his eyes: years marked by crime, drug use, and darkness.

“I ran toward the brick wall of my cell repeatedly to kill myself,” Jason admits. “I was at death’s doorstep.”

Thanks to you, Jason has a new beginning. Now he says, “Going to jail was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. ”

Finally away from the negative influences and temptations of the streets, Jason started reading the Bible and going to jail chapel services.

“I decided I wanted to have honor and be a good father and human being instead of a criminal,” he says now.

The day of his release, Jason stood in the rain, not knowing what to do next. Street life called to him from every side: a liquor store here, a drug house there. Desperate, he called the one person he thought could help: his uncle, a local pastor who lived 10 minutes away.

“He got there in 2 minutes,” Jason says.

After a stint in a local shelter, Jason just knew he needed more help or he’d fall back into old ways. So he got on a bus and came nearly

400 miles to the Mission to have extra time to shine light into the shadows of his past.

The brothers at the Mission welcomed Jason with open arms. Through classes, therapy in the mental health clinic, conversations, and the resources you provided, his faith grew.

“Here, I have gotten to know Jesus and his teachings, like how to love your neighbor and to treat others as God would treat you,” Jason says. “These are the two biggest guidelines I live by today, and they have transformed me.”

Jason says since being at the Mission, his thinking has changed ten-fold. “I discovered that the problems I faced lay with me.” he says. “Here, I’ve received compassion, empathy, and understanding.”

Thanks to you, Jason had the time and resources he needed to rebuild his life. For the first time, he’s headed in a positive direction, and it feels good.

“These days, my hope is through the roof,” Jason says. “Here, I’m learning to live better.”

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