In Memoriam To a Mission Friend

When you give toward meals this fall, you provide for people like Seth.

Tragically, he passed away recently. But your gifts made his last months on earth some of the best of his life.

Seth’s journey began when he suffered the sudden loss of his only son a few years back while he waited for a kidney transplant. So heavy was Seth’s burden of grief that he walked away from the house where he had lived for 15 years and moved in to a hotel. Then his coworker stole his work truck and all of his tools, and he couldn’t work anymore.

As someone with a strong work ethic, Seth did whatever he could to make it until health problems stopped him completely. He says—

“I didn’t have a penny to my name. And there I stood on a street corner with nothing,” Seth remembers. “It was the lowest point I’ve ever had in my life. I had nowhere to go.”

Seth called local social service agencies, who told him to come to the Mission. By the time he arrived, he hadn’t eaten in 2 days.  He was so grateful to sit down for a life-saving meal that gave him hope again.

“I had nothing. The Mission gave me everything.”


“I don’t remember what I ate that night,” Seth said. “But I know it was good!”

Seth knew that the food he was offered and the bed the Mission gave him to sleep in weren’t free. So when he saw the men from the Discipleship program doing their morning chores, he decided to join them as a way to return the favor. Within a few days, he was invited to join the program. That was in October 2018.

As a Disciple, Seth had the opportunity to refresh his education, gain additional work skills, and grow in his faith in God.

True to his character, Seth jumped in to the program with both feet, doing everything the staff asked him to do. He grew closer to God and found a new family of brothers who helped him through the challenges he faced. He was particularly excited about the LifeNet Adult Education and Training program, which afforded him the opportunity to brush up on academics. He was looking forward to finding an employment field he would enjoy and going back to work soon.

“I had nothing. The Mission gave me everything,” Seth said.

Thanks to people like you, Seth spent his last months living among a “family” filled with hope and love. He was grateful for all the resources he received, and we are so thankful to have gotten to know him even for a short time.

Give toward our Serving Hope 2019 campaign this fall in Seth’s honor and save lives. Thank you.

This post was modified on 11/26/19.

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