His Scars Ran Deep

Have you lived through something so painful you didn’t even want to talk about it? How about TEN things?

Samit can tell you the horrors of homelessness, the loneliness of a cold prison cell, the effects of physical and emotional battery, and the shame of being completely dependent on others to survive.   

He knows firsthand the depths of emotional and physical trauma that scarred his soul so deeply that he didn’t even want to live.

But now, everything has changed.

I was really hurting when I came. Now I’m a new man.


Thanks to you, he can now tell you what it feels like to walk away from that pain and find a new life in Christ.  And he’s discovered his voice for the first time in in a long time.

Before, “There was a lot going on in my life,” Samit admits.  “I had a hard time speaking to anybody.  I was wallowing in my stress and depression. My mind was corrupted.” 

Now he has left the past behind and found healing and rest.  

Thanks to you, now he’s reframing his thinking and renewing his life. “I was predestined to come to the Mission,” Samit 

says. “I was really hurting when I came; now I’m a new man.”

He continues, “I’m just going through this transformation with Christ and working on the areas that I lack. It’s a work in progress. I’m learning that I grow the most when I stay in tune with Him each day.”

For Samit, healing begins in his thoughts. “God just put it on my heart that He has given me a beautiful mind,” he says. “I should not be thinking negative thoughts. I am making God suffer when I do that.” 

As he grows and matures, Samit has started to lean in to Jesus and his Word even more. Sometimes he wishes his growth wouldn’t take so long. 

Like Solomon in the Bible, Samit began asking God for wisdom.  Having been homeless and suffering much of his adult life, that newly discovered wisdom has helped him appreciate the little things, like lights in his room and fresh water. 

Thanks to you, Samit is also becoming a leader at the Mission, serving guests in the emergency shelter, helping new guys with chores, and more.  

“I thank God for putting me in these positions,” Samit says. “My goal is to pray fervently and build focus and to have a wise heart.  Most of all, I want to be a person who pleases Him.”  

For a person who struggled for years and didn’t even think life was worth living, that’s a HUGE transformation—all made possible because of your gifts, prayers, and care. 

Thank you for putting a smile on Samit’s face and for giving him a whole new tomorrow.  

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