“I Wanted Out for Years…”

“They had me at hello.”

Just like in the movies, that was Eric’s reaction when he came to the Mission and learned about the Discipleship program.

Eric was so relieved to hear that he’d be able to get an education, including earning his GED. That he could work as part of the Mission’s work therapy program. That he could have access right onsite to group therapy and even individual therapy. That he could get continued support to recover from chemical addiction.

He knew those were the tools he would need to rebuild a strong future for his wife and three young daughters.

Once YOU gave Eric a lifeline, it didn’t take long for him to turn his life around.

“After just 8 months at the Mission,” he says, “I was able to repair my relationship with my family and with God.”

Eric’s road to healing took many twists and turns, beginning with an unhealthy home life. He grew up with parents who made unhealthy choices. “I pretty much had free rein,” he says now.


That led him into 16 years of destruction.

“It was horrible,” Eric remembers. “There’s absolutely nothing good for the drug life…I wanted out for years but didn’t know how to get out of what I was doing.”

Eric knew his choices had gotten out of control when he almost lost his kids. After he spent time at a treatment center, he came to the Mission so he could get more support in his relationship with God. Without the Mission, he would turn back to old ways.

“Most of all,” he says, “I just wanted to be a good dad.”

When Eric got here, he says he could feel the presence of God. Your gifts helped him understand the Bible and apply it to his life. He discovered how to be at peace with himself and not worry about the aspects of his life he can’t control.

“I’m just giving it all to God now,” Eric says.

Your gifts provided Eric with the foundation so he could realize his life-long dream of becoming a business owner. Thanks to you, “today I’m able to fulfill that dream. Now, I’m the person I wanted to be for many years. I know God has a better purpose for me. I just want to live the life that God desires for me. It’s as simple as that.”


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