Hunger Pains

Years ago, Ryan came to the Mission for Thanksgiving meals.

His mom raised her kids as a single parent, and she had difficulty putting a holiday meal on the table in those days. With your help, Ryan’s family enjoyed turkey, all the trimmings, and even pumpkin pie.

“When you’re hungry, your body shuts down. That’s no way to live.”

So years later when Ryan ran into trouble that kept him on the streets, he knew right where to come for healthy meals: the kitchen your gifts kept open for him all these years later! 

While some of the people living in tents or under bridges alongside him chose alcohol over food, Ryan knew he wanted to stay healthy and strong. 

“When you’re hungry, your body shuts down,” he says. “That’s no way to live.”

Ryan came to the Mission for breakfast, getting up at 5 a.m. to make it there on time. “My favorite meal was breakfast on Sundays,” he recalls. “They served biscuits and gravy!”

Ryan didn’t want to stay homeless, but he couldn’t get past a nagging alcohol addiction. His addiction felt like a never-ending cycle of poverty and hopelessness. 

He thought he would eventually die from alcohol poisoning at the county facility for long-term alcoholics. But God had other plans!

“With the encouragement of a chaplain, I decided to get help,” Ryan says. He joined our recovery center. Now, he’s over one year sober. He’s grown in his relationship with Christ and got baptized. 

Now, “everything has changed for the better,” Ryan says. “I’m one test away from my GED so I can find stable employment.” He’s grateful. But mostly he appreciates that —

“I don’t have to go across town for meals anymore,” Ryan says. “I get up and the meals are right there! That gives me the strength to work on me so I never have to return to the streets.”

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