Pathway to Wholeness

The residents in our women and children’s program have faced traumas from homelessness, the effects of chemical abuse, domestic violence, or more. This story represents the journey of one typical student as she finds hope, thanks to your gifts.

“The day I left my abuser, I was shaking. After careful planning to escape without his knowledge, I packed belongings for my three-year-old son and me and fled the home. I knew that this day would be the most dangerous one of my life if he caught me.

“At first, I stayed at a shelter for battered women. But I wanted to find someplace that could also help me grow in my relationship with God. They referred me to Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities.  I applied and got an interview with the director and her staff.  I told them that I would do anything—anything—for help.

“I admitted to my failures. I hadn’t always made healthy choices before. I had become someone I never wanted to be.  But in the end, I couldn’t escape my old life fast enough.

“The staff welcomed me. They decorated my room beautifully to prepare for us. The beds were adorned with colorful handmade quilts. Our room had dressers for my son and me. A Bible lay on a desk nearby, along with a devotional book. They also gave my son new, age-appropriate toys to keep him busy.

“A flood of emotions ran through me. Relief, for one. A glimpse of hope for another.

“In the women’s program, I could heal from trauma. Three meals a day served in the dining room kept us well nourished. When I ran low on clothing or my son needed diapers, the clothing closet was available with everything I needed.

“Without my time at the Mission, I’d still be in harm’s way…”

“I took classes that related perfectly to my struggles. My case manager helped me understand my life from a biblical perspective, so I could work on becoming a woman of God. It also made me feel less alone to live among other women who understood what I faced.

“During the day, my son attended the Mission’s licensed Child Development Center so he could develop socialization and primary skills for school success. He loved it there! I had never seen him so happy.

“I passed the initial courses in the first three months and then brushed up on math and computer skills in the education program. The teachers there also prepared me for a successful job search.

“After I left the program, I felt stronger than ever. The Lord did so much in my life in the time I spent there.

“Without my time at the Mission, I’d still be in harm’s way in my relationships and stuck in life. The program connected me with God and set me on the right track. I’m grateful!”


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