A Heart of Thanksgiving  

Angie wants to share how your support changed her life!

“I hit rock bottom… I was in a very dark place.

Angie grew up in a Christian home with loving parents. Yet, at the age of 17, she made the decision to leave home.

“I always regret leaving so early, because that opened the door to so many things.” Broken relationships… single parenthood… domestic abuse… homelessness—all exacerbated by chronic physical and mental health challenges. “I started self-medicating because that was what helped me cope.”

This led to a roller coaster of ups and downs, and Angie eventually hit rock bottom.

“I was in a very dark place. I heard the Spirit say, ‘You have to reach out.’”

So, she did.

Angie came to our Naomi Family Program with her two young children, only seeking housing and meals while she got back on her feet. “But when it was explained that this program consists of starting your healing journey and getting a renewed mindset, I took it all in.”

Before coming to the program, Angie had never been to therapy. Our on-site, professional therapists helped Angie dig into the trauma of her past that she carried in the present.

“I lived 41 years doing a lot of suppressing and compiling of things that I never really dealt with,” including 14 years of domestic abuse. “I’m still healing now. Healing never ends.”

Angie learned healthy coping skills and is working through her trauma. She is no longer self-medicating with substances. And with encouragement from our chaplains and staff, she has opened her heart to God’s work in her life. “I want God to work in my life and do what He would have me do.”

“[The Naomi Family Program] is what helped me start my healing, and be more aware of my mental health.”

As she grows in her faith, she hopes to become a godly role model for her children and a source of empowerment and motivation for others. “I want to be the change I want to see.”

Angie is filled with thanksgiving for her journey toward healing and God’s redeeming love in her life—and your incredible generosity and support! “This program helped me become a better individual versus someone just saying, ‘I know who God is.’ Today I know who God is… what He has done for me… and what He is still doing for me.”

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