Discipleship Name Change: ACTS Training Program

Since 1991, the Discipleship Program has been teaching men about the teachings of Jesus Christ, habits for healthy living and pathways toward stability. This month, the name of the program has changed to the ACTS Training Program. We continue to weave Christian discipleship and faith formation into all our programs.

In the ACTS Training Program, we help men struggling with homelessness by introducing them to Jesus and walking alongside them in their spiritual journey; welcoming them to our community; and encouraging them to pursue their wellbeing while they concentrate on financial and housing stability.

ACTS is an acronym that stands for what we intend to teach program participants throughout their time here. We want them to be Accountable, be Consistent, be Thankful, and be Self-aware.

We teach them to be accountable to themselves, staff, the commitments they have made and the people around them.

We teach them to be consistent in attendance, timeliness and completion of the tasks they have been assigned.

We teach them to be thankful for the opportunity to change and grow, as well as for the people and resources available to them.

We teach them to be self-aware by recognizing when they need help, being aware of how they treat others, and being aware of how they think about themselves.

We are excited to change the name of the program to better reflect our goals and desired outcomes as we continue to provide holistic care that includes learning how to follow Jesus Christ.