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A Shot at Redemption

Charlie's mother begged him to stay in school and out of trouble, but when he found himself holding a gun up to another person, God got his attention in a big way.

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There was a stranger in his home.

Charlie heard the intruder and jumped into action. He carried a gun and was ready to fight back. The intruder fired a paintball gun at him and he responded by pulling out a real gun and firing point-blank at his assailant. But instead of killing the intruder, the gun jammed. He fired again. It jammed a second time. At that point, Charlie had a moment of pause and asked himself what had led to this lifestyle.

Charlie was lost, and desperately needed to find his way back.

“The streets were number one in my life,” he says now. “I used alcohol, crack, and marijuana every day since the 1980s, except when I was in jail. And I knew this life was coming to a dead end soon.”

So the misfired gun was just the wake-up call Charlie needed.

He considered his friend Jerald’s advice – to come to the Mission and start over. Because of you, he had a way to get out of the street life.

Your gift is making change possible.

“The Mission has helped me be a way better man than I was,” Charlie continues. “I feel like the Mission woke me up. My life is completely changed. I’m not the same person I was a year ago.”

Now Charlie looks forward to a better life off the streets – not having to worry about who’s around the next corner. All thanks to you! Give today to help others like Charlie turn their lives around and find a deeper sense of meaning in life.

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