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Lives are at risk this winter

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"God help me!"

Damien cringed at the blast of cold air bearing down on him. After losing his job, he got evicted from his apartment.

Out of options, and quickly running out of hope, Damien took everything he could carry to the streets of the Twin Cities. Looking for shelter. Looking for safety.

In the deadly cold . . .

Damien knew he wouldn't survive long on the streets, especially during the winter. The bitter elements beat him too hard. The scraps he pulled from trash cans wouldn’t sustain him.

When the realization struck, when Damien was at his lowest point shivering in the cold, he cried out — "God help me!"

"The Mission saved my life!"

When Damien came to the Mission, everything changed immediately. He received a hot meal, a hot shower, and warm bed where he could stay the night.

When thinking about his rescue from the bitter cold, Damien says:

"It's a miracle. I was literally at death's door. Now I have hope. The Mission saved my life!"

Today, you wouldn't recognize Damien. Rescued from the suffering on the streets in the winter cold, Damien has found his life has value. And there's so much for him to live for.

But there are others, like Damien, who are still trapped on the bitter cold streets. And their lives are at risk tonight . . .


Every $5.88 you give will provide 3 hot meals and a night of lifesaving shelter!

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Lives at risk this winter —
please help now.

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Winter Emergency: bitter cold slams the Twin Cities

Right now, winter temperatures are plummeting to the lowest of the year. And the bitter cold is like a killer — threatening the lives of those who are trapped on the streets. People just like Jesse . . . 

We must respond immediately. And we need your help.

And we need your help to stop the suffering. Lives are at risk . . . tonight!

Every $5.88 you give now will provide 3 hot meals and a night of lifesaving shelter for someone at risk in the bitter cold.

Your immediate act of kindness has the power to save a life dangling on the brink because of deadly cold. But please don’t delay.

Because the only thing standing between this winter’s killer cold and another victim like Jesse . . . is YOU.

You can feel good about giving to Union Gospel Mission

Recognized as a leader in homeless outreach in the Twin Cities, Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is a non-profit, faith-based organization that first opened its doors in 1902. Today, the Mission offers a wide variety of life-saving programs for men, women, and children — from meals and shelter, to education and addiction recovery. Through the transforming power of the Gospel, thousands who were once barely clinging to hope have found new life and restoration.

72% of every dollar received reaches out and touches lives through our high-impact programs.

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When you support Union Gospel Mission…
this is the kind of impact you can make!

“When I got here, the first thing I was told was to go get a meal. It was the first time I had eaten in two days. The food was great.”
— James
“We were homeless and my kids and I needed food and a roof over our heads. The Mission gave us those things. Now they’re helping me get my GED. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.”
— Mia
“I was starving when I got here. Now I’ve gained 40 pounds and am back on my feet again — thanks to the Mission.”
— Robert
“I was homeless and surviving on cold, canned green beans. But when I came to the Mission for a hot meal, it really gave me hope. Every day felt like Thanksgiving dinner!”
— Russ

Will you help transform a life this Christmas... starting with a meal?

Thousands of hungry souls are waiting at our doors, and we must be prepared to feed each one, every single day this Christmas season. From now until Christmas Day.

That’s why we need your immediate help. Every $1.96 you can give now will provide a Christmas meal.

But it will go even further to help transform a life…with hope!

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Save lives this winter from the deadly cold!

Lives are at risk this winter. And we need your help!

Every $5.88 you can give now will provide 3 hot meals and night a lifesaving shelter.

Please don't wait!

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