“Even when I doubted God, He didn’t let me go.”

When Rose* found herself homeless for the first time, it was uncharted territory. the first time, it was uncharted territory. “I was riding the train all day with my baby. When night came, I decided to stay at the Mall of America and sleep in the family bathroom there.”

That’s where she met Don, a young man doing street ministry. As he circled back to check on her, it became clear she needed help. “He gave me his card and asked, ‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ And I said, ‘You know what? I don’t have anywhere to stay.’”

“I literally feel like a whole new person. Totally new.”

After Don helped Rose get a hotel room and food, she was able to locate a friend, who in turn helped her locate our Naomi Family Program (NFP). She soon discovered how deeply Christian the Mission’s programs are. She laughs, “It’s every single day, all day, we talk about God. If it’s recovery, it’s God. If it’s the children, it’s God. But that really made me see how God really works in every single aspect of my life.”

Rose takes classes at NFP on topics including financial literacy, where she is learning budgeting skills and bill paying strategies. Meanwhile, our licensed Child Development Center provides safe care and education for her toddler. She also attends weekly Bible studies at the Mission with other female residents.

Rose’s growth has been miraculous. “I can testify that each aspect of my life is worked on—mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. And I’ve learned that once we have that relationship with God, everything else flows.”

Today, Rose’s smile is radiant. “My confidence is built. And when I feel anxious, I have someone to talk to.”

*Name and photos have been changed to protect privacy.