“I have no worries…”

Hisham has suffered greatly in his life. The anguish he carries makes it hard for him to even show his face. Still, he can say that he has nothing to worry about because of the ways you have cared for him, beginning with meals.

Growing up in the midst of the civil unrest of Sudan, Hisham struggled to feel safe in his own home, where he faced unspeakable harm. 

Even moving to the United States didn’t offer stability. For 10 years, Hisham was homeless often and had to travel throughout the country seeking stable work. 

Before long, old habits came back to haunt him.  At one point, this soft-spoken resident faced prison because of an unfortunate choice. When he was released, Hisham thought his life was over. 

But God had other plans. 

Hisham stepped into the house of hope your gifts provide. Within a short time, he joined up with men who could help him overcome barriers to success and understand how to apply faith to his life. 

“I’m taking this opportunity seriously,” Hisham says. “I’m working through my struggles.”

Hisham’s healing began when he sat down for his first meal. The food at the Mission keeps his body strong so he can focus on building a brand-new future. After being unstable for many years, he appreciates how the Mission provides for his overall needs.

“The help here is undeniable,” Hisham says. “Here, I get good food and a roof over my head. I have no worries. The staff only wants good for us,” Hisham says.