Leaning Into His Purpose: Bobby’s Story

Education helps improve quality of life. Just ask Bobby. After growing up in poverty and facing setbacks at every turn, Bobby has a fresh start, because of your investment. Read on for what Bobby said about the life YOU made possible for him.  

“Life is difficult for someone with my background. I’ve gone to prison and been shot at twice. You begin to believe that it’s impossible to have the bare essentials that other people have. 

“Many times, you feel like the floor is about to fall from underneath you. But I came to the Mission, where the foundation is solid. I had three meals a day and safe shelter. I was able to keep my resume up because of custodial work through their Discipleship program. I grew in my relationship with God and refreshed my education. Then I did some soul searching. I asked God, Who am I? What is my purpose?’

“I’m transitioning into the life I’m supposed to have.”


“I knew I needed to make a change in my life, and furthering my education was the answer. My dad was a mechanic. I realized that this field is my ticket out of poverty, so with encouragement from the Mission’s staff, I enrolled in the diesel mechanic technician program at a local college. During COVID-19, my program went to a virtual format. I had access to the Mission’s computers, so I could continue my studies. Then before I graduated in May 2021, the Mission helped me get the mechanical tools I needed to begin working in this industry. 

Now I work full time in the field and have a career instead of a job so I can support myself. My time at the Mission and my education will provide a foundation for the rest of my life. I’m transitioning into the life I’m supposed to have, and I’m grateful.”