Lifelong Volunteering and a Lifelong Friendship

Mr. Pete remembers going with his parents to serve at the Mission as a kid. His family would attend church and go to the Mission afterward to serve meals to those in need. In his adult years, he came back to volunteer to wash dishes for the Naomi Family Program for Women and Children.

Even though he wanted to keep to himself, Ms. Margaret, the kitchen manager, struck up a friendship with him. His dedicated service led to regular times of conversation and laughter with Ms. Margaret. As a businessman in the construction field and a head cook, these two were an unlikely pair who became like family.

As Mr. Pete’s health deteriorated and he could no longer volunteer at the Mission, Ms. Margaret stayed in touch. She looked out for Mr. Pete in ways that only close friends can, making sure he was cared for, loved and safe. She has come alongside his family to offer support throughout the years.

Recently we were able to come along for a visit. Amidst the countless smiles and immeasurable laughter, Ms. Margaret made sure to give a matching handkerchief to Mr. Pete. They shared memories and connected about the good ol’ days.

We are deeply grateful for Mr. Pete’s commitment to Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities. He has made significant monetary donations along with countless hours of volunteering throughout the years. His lifelong commitment to the Mission and his heartfelt love for the people we serve inspires us. And the friendship with Ms. Margaret—there is nothing like friends who are like family. What a gift!

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