Ober Community Center

Ober Community Center has reached out to kids in area neighborhoods, providing homework assistance and fun classes that build confidence
and prepare kids to thrive.

Middle School Programs 

At Ober, kids have opportunities to work on academic skills through after-school homework help led by volunteers from Bethel University and the community. Plus, they can choose from a variety of classes to learn about God, try new skills, and develop creativity.

Christian Discipleship. Using the TreeHouse curriculum, kids learn more about the Bible and what it means for their life.

FaithMedia. Our media center provides a unique opportunity for kids to try their hand at video or music production through well-equipped studios. Current projects focus on highlighting bullying and how to stand up to it.

Science and Math. After-school classes sharpen skills in engineering, drone flying, and other science-related activities to prepare them for success.

Arts. Art classes focus on sharpening drawing and painting skills while having fun in a low-stress environment. The arts classes are open to whole families, who want to strengthen connections and build memories together.

Athletics.  Sports programming utilizes the basketball gymnasium to build agility, athletic skills, and self-confidence in a setting that welcomes kids at all abilities.

High school programs

YouthConnect held at Ober Community Centreaches out to 9th-12th graders, providing opportunities to experience God’s Word in a safe environment. For students wanting to grow deeper in faith, the program uses the TreeHouse curriculum to learn more about the Bible and what it means for their life.

Summer Day Camps

Summer Camp for 2018 is currently full!

Urban Sports Camp


Dates: Mondays through Thursdays June 9-August 19

Adventure Camp provides fun activities each day. Activities include biking on beautiful Twin Cities trails, fishing and learning about aquatics, team games, and fitness classes.

Individual summer classes

All classes meet noon-5 p.m. and include lunch and snacks. Free!

Youth Cookbook

Dates: June 18-21

This class will help your child explore the creation, preparation, and nutritional value of food. They will learn how to have fun with food and make healthy choices that will help them look and feel great.

Paper, Camera, Action

Dates: June 25-28

Paper, Camera, Action takes an interactive look at journalism, film, and creative writing through a variety of fun educational activities and approaches. Kids will explore careers in the creative field and try their hand at using a camera, crafting a story, or writing a journalism article.

Community Camp

Dates: July 9-12

This camp will use fun and interactive activities and games to help those attending build character and learn how to work as a team.

Heart and Soul

Dates: July 16-19

Heart and Soul explores the world of dance and choreography.  Your child will learn a variety of dance styles while also learning about the origins of each style.

Transformative Living

Dates: July 23-26

Transformative living is a fun exercise, sports, and wellness camp for kids at all levels and abilities.  Your student will grow in their knowledge and abilities in a variety of athletic activities.

Dramatic Impressions

Dates: July 30-August 2

Dramatic Impressions will introduce your child to drama, spoken work, and debate. This class will teach kids how to express their ideas and emotions in a creative setting.

Fashion Design

Dates: August 6-9

Fashion Design will open your child’s eyes to the world of fashion through an exploration of design, history, and the creative process of fashion development.

Biblical Microscope

Dates: August 13-16

Biblical Microscope takes a hands-on look at Christianity from a scientific perspective.  In a world where Christianity and science seem like opposites, students will explore how the two worlds are one.

Learn more about the summer programs offered. Download the Ober Day Camp brochure (pdf)

Program Location

Ober Community Center is located at 376 Western Ave., St. Paul.


Interested in learning more? Want to sign your child up for classes? Contact us at 651.209.6512.