One Last Cry for Help

Terrence sat on the edge of his bed.

Visions of the last 10 years flashed through his mind. The kids he’d left behind.  Chronic underemployment. The shame of living in his car.  And especially the unthinkable tragedy of losing two sons to violence.

It was all too heavy a burden to carry by himself. 

Over the years, Terrence says he wasted too much time numbing his feelings with drugs and alcohol.

“I saw myself becoming someone I didn’t want to be,” Terrence says. “But I didn’ t know how to fix it.”

“The Mission has given me hope again.”

 So that’s why, on that fateful day in his room, he surrendered to God for the very first time.  His tears flowed. “I’m powerless,” he cried out. “I need you.”

Terrence didn’t know what would happen next. A few days later he had a thought: call Uncle Roy.  If anyone could help him, Roy could.

Terrence didn’t know that Roy worked at the Mission.  After that phone call, Roy contacted his friends in the Discipleship Program.  Just three days later, Terrence came to the Mission and had his first meal. That meal gave him the strength to start the journey to a brand new future.

“The Mission changed my life,”  Terrence says. “I was broken when I first got here.  I had an attitude and would get angry over the smallest things. I didn’t have consistent meals and had the stress of not knowing where I’d be sleeping from night to night.”

And now, thanks to that first meal and the care he’s received—

“The Mission has given me hope again,” he says.  “It’s removed a lot of stress.  And everyone is equal here. If you need help with addiction recovery, it’s here. If you need some clothes, you can get them here.”

Being at the Mission has also helped him reconcile with his family. “There’s places where I failed,” Terrence explains. “But since being here I have asked for forgiveness from family members, and they forgave me. It’s taken a weight off my shoulders.”

All of this change has helped Terrence to dream bigger dreams, like starting a business. He’s already working to develop a product line, and he gives all the glory to God.

“Coming to the Mission was the best thing that could have happened to me,” Terrence says. “I’m learning that if I trust God and let God lead, my life is going to turn around. I’m grateful.”

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