Passion Story – Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities

One way:  the right way

After a lifetime of bad choices, Passion made one good choice — and it completely changed her life!

Not long ago, Passion was intent on living life her own way.

Sadly, it led to a string of bad choices, unnecessary struggles as a single parent, tough circumstances, and eventually homelessness.

“I was at my wits’ end,” she remembers thinking. “What I was doing wasn’t working.”

What did work was coming to the Naomi Family Residence, Union Gospel Mission’s life-changing program for women and mothers with children. The meals she and her son enjoyed and the love she felt being here began to address the hunger for acceptance she felt deep down in her soul.  

But there was a lot of hurt that still needed to be addressed.  

Friends from her past had betrayed Passion over and over again, making it hard for her to trust anyone – even our staff. Coupled with her track record of never finishing anything she started, it’s not surprising that for several months she refused to unpack her bags – figuring she might bolt for the exit at any moment.

But eventually, the protective walls around her heart began to lower. As she committed herself to learning from past mistakes, she says she could feel herself changing.

Over time, Passion says, “God really started healing me and dealing with me,” especially in the area of being a better mother. “I was seeing change in my son. When things got tough, I decided to stick it out for him.”

Once saddled with a reputation as a quitter, this single mom is now determined to live life the right way. “I’m going to finish this race!” she says confidently.  

At Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, we like to say that new life starts with a meal – a meal that you can provide for just $1.96.  Please help someone else like Passion find hope and the courage to make a new start by giving your best gift today.