Addiction Recovery

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities provides hope to men and women facing addiction through Christ-centered recovery. Here, individuals and families are restored.

From alcohol to prescription painkillers, substance abuse affects thousands of people in our community each year. For those facing substance abuse disorder, it can be difficult to maintain a job or healthy relationships. Many people struggling with addiction eventually become homeless and need a helping hand.

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities (UGMTC) has supported people facing alcohol abuse and substance abuse disorders since its inception in 1902. We believe there is hope in Christ with support from Alcoholics Anonymous, Christ Recovery Center Alumni Association, Friends in Recovery and other resources.

As men and women heal from addictions and work on resolving issues of their past, families come back together. Dads reunite with their kids. Women reconnect with their loved ones. And whole communities are restored.

Support for Men

As part of our holistic care, UGMTC’s men’s programs include access to chemical dependency support. The path to healing requires addressing root issues. As our staff comes alongside each guest and resident, we integrate recovery support as needed.

If you, or someone you know, would like more information about any of our programs that include addiction recovery, please email or call our 24-hour phone line at 651-789-7599 to get started.

The Christ Recovery Center (CRC) is a residential program designed for men struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction. The program uses Christ-centered, 12 Step (Alcoholics Anonymous) programming to help men get and stay sober. It is located on our Men’s Campus at 435 University Ave E, Saint Paul, MN 55130. Email to set up a tour or schedule an interview.

Support for Women

Many of the women at UGMTC’s Naomi Family Program (NFP) have been affected by substance abuse. Each woman has a caring case manager who creates an Individualized Support Plan to help facilitate hope and healing.

A licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC) offers individualized support to residents in their chemical health journey. Regular life-skills coursework and chaplain support surround each woman with holistic care.

The recovery offerings at the Naomi Family Program occur through the residential program. Email or call 651-444-5880 to inquire.

Give to see freedom.

Nearly half of us have a family member or close friend who has struggled with addiction.[1] We know the devastating effects on those who cannot get the help they need. You can help others on their path toward freedom with a financial gift that supports our time-tested, proven recovery programs.