Christ Recovery Center

For men seeking help with late-stage addiction, the Christ Recovery Center (CRC) offers hope.

The CRC is a residential recovery program designed for men struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Our program staff work with men as they become sober and find healing, and walk alongside them as they acquire the tools and resources needed to thrive.

Program Features

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings including the 12 Step program
  • Professional mental health care to address past pain or trauma
  • A strong support network through CRC and community involvement
  • Weekly Bible studies to restore and/or deepen faith
  • Courses designed to develop life and interpersonal skills
  • Access to adult education including GED and continuing education classes
  • Financial planning and budgeting courses
  • Job-skills training and coaching to pursue further education or a career
In our most recent survey of CRC alumni, 42% were sober after 11 years post-graduation (by comparison, the national average is only 15%).

Program Benefits

BROTHERHOOD OF MEN Men at the CRC join a brotherhood of other men seeking recovery and a sober network. Men grow spiritually, receive education, can earn a GED (if needed), prepare their résumés, and increase their job skills.

HOLISTIC CARE In addition to recovery, residents learn to grow in integrity and honesty, establish an honorable work ethic, and even get back in shape—addressing the health of their body, mind and soul.

TIME FOR TRANSFORMATION The core program is typically completed in six months, with additional program phases and support provided for 12 months or longer.

AFFORDABILITY There are minimal program fees. Because most residents are eligible for general assistance through Ramsey County, most pay little to nothing out of their own pocket to participate.

CHRIST-CENTERED RECOVERY The program focuses primarily on recovery through a relationship with Christ and the principles of Christianity as residents begin self-understanding about their chemical use. Each resident’s Higher Power—Jesus Christ—can be found at the CRC.


  • “The Mission has changed me completely. Three years ago my only thoughts were where I would sleep, where I would get drugs, would I be in jail or out of jail. Now I’m sober and going to college. I have a lot more hopes and dreams now.”

    — Brad
  • “The Mission has given me hope again. In my addiction I was just surviving; I really wasn’t living life. Now I’m living life.”

    — Mike
  • “The Mission saved my life. My doctor told me I didn’t have overdosing in me anymore; I’d been doing it too long and needed to figure out what’s going on in my life. His words sunk into me. The CRC has everything; I’m not worried about or wanting for anything.

    — Greg
  • “I feel hope here because the only stress I have is the stress of finding myself, which now I have time to do. I don’t have to worry about where I sleep, where I eat, if I’m going to wake and be safe. I can actually figure out what I want to be when I grow up.”

    — Bob

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