Adult Education and Training

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities (UGMTC) provides a personalized approach to education and job-skills training that prepares each individual for employment.

A Personalized Approach

Our residents come from every background—from people who have never had a job to professionals who have fallen on hard times. Some residents have never completed high school while others have earned higher degrees. All men and women in full-time programs at Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities (UGMTC) have access to our Adult Education and Training Program.

The program components consist of LifeNet (our education program) and Career Services. In addition, adult education is woven throughout all wraparound services for residents. These opportunities take them from where they are to where they want to go—building on their education and life experience to guide them into a self-sustaining future.

Individualized Programming

UGMTC provides individualized learning plans for each resident through LifeNet—our adult education program. The following assessments are the foundation:

  • Initial testing to indicate an appropriate learning plan and learning capabilities once the resident enters a full-time program.
  • Educational assessments to determine levels in math, reading and other subjects once enrolled in the adult education and job-skills training program.
  • Additional testing if a learning disability is suspected. Results are reviewed with the Mental Health Clinic team, who works in concert with the Adult Education team to provide a customized learning plan.

LifeNet’s 3-Phases

Once residents have been assessed, they participate in a three-phase approach as follows:

READY Stabilization Phase: Residents participate in academic studies including GED if needed, digital literacy and writing. They begin to understand their unique giftings and how to be their personal best while growing their communication and other soft skills.

SET Recovery Phase: In the second phase, residents continue working on their academic and soft skills while exploring career options. They begin to gather the information they need for job applications and work on building career-related attitudes and skills.

GO Transition Phase: In this phase, residents become more intentional about preparing for the job search by participating in mock interviews, identifying a job search strategy, and preparing a résumé.

In the first two phases, residents can also choose electives to expose them to new skills and interests.

Career Services

Throughout our adult education program, residents prepare for work outside the Mission through curricula and workshops that help them take their experiences and skills to the next level. More than that, residents are encouraged to discover their God-given passions and helped to realize their dreams.

Whether it’s employment, additional education or finding a volunteer role that meets their passions and skills, each resident receives individual support as they take the next step.

The care doesn’t end there. Once residents step into their new roles, Career Services staff continue to coach them, helping them succeed and maintain employment long-term.

Give to set them up for success.

Are you passionate about education?

Your financial gifts provide education and job-skills training, meals and shelter, and so much more. With your help, someone can earn a GED or refresh their education, gain workplace skills, find jobs, secure housing and become self-sufficient.



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  • "Through the Mission’s programs, I was able to learn things and get some confidence so I can go out and start over–fresh and new."

    — Stan
  • "Oh man, everyone here is so thoroughly committed to my success, that I can’t possibly fail! Thanks, Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities."

    — Bob
  • "I’m in a work program now and I’m going back to school and I never thought that would happen. I found a new life of grace and hope and sacrifice."

    — Jess