Rich’s Story – Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities

Rich doesn’t blame anybody but himself for the trouble he was in.

What had started out as harmless pranks when he was a teenager turned into a full-blown crisis as an adult when the tough crowd he was hanging around sent him into an emotional death-spiral.

Gone were the stable housing and steady relationships that once defined his life. Now, his survival depended on well-meaning friends who let him sleep in their backyards at night.

His rock-bottom moment came when he admitted, “I didn’t think anybody could help me.”

Fortunately, he was wrong!

Erasing the doubts

It was a loving aunt who got him a bus ticket to Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities. But even then, he wasn’t sure this was where he wanted to be.

“The first night in chapel, I wondered if I had made a terrible mistake,” he says. “There were plenty of other places I could have gone.” Except, he had completed other recovery programs before — and was still in the same old mess.

It wasn’t until he finally admitted to himself that the Mission was different — a conclusion he came to after the first few Mission meals — that things began to change.

“Union Gospel Mission provided a safe place to begin getting well,” he says, looking back. “People around me acknowledged my painful past and assured me I would find healing.”

And they were right.

Learning to trust again

“There was a time when I didn’t trust anybody,” he confesses. “It was a while before I realized that I needed others in my life to get me on the right path.”

Today, Rich’s life looks nothing like it did only a few short months ago. He’s back to working at a job he really loves, which he insists is indicative of just how far he’s come.

“The Mission took in a broken, throwaway dude and gave him a chance,” Rich says, half-smiling. “They showed me how to be a valuable person that others value, too.”

But perhaps the most startling revelation: “I’m not that destroyed person anymore. Thank you for helping me find new life.”

Your chance to impact others

Like so many others who came before him, Rich came to Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities and received a hot meal that opened the door to hope, allowing him to begin rebuilding his life.

Now you can give that same hope to others, starting with an Easter meal for just $1.96. In this season of hope, there’s no better way to help someone coming off the streets take those critical first steps to new life. Just click the link and give a generous gift today to make the reality of Easter come alive for someone in dire need.