Tickets of Hope

Have you ever seen a person who looks hungry… homeless… who needs help? You can tell they might not have a safe place to sleep tonight… and you don’t know what to do…

Give them a Ticket of Hope!

These small tickets can be kept in your car, pocket or purse. They include an offer for a free meal at UGMTC and information to get to us for the help they need. Because hope begins with a meal, you’re offering the first step toward life-transformation through the Mission. Once a person comes through our doors, we meet their basic needs of food, shelter, clean clothing, hygiene items and hot showers.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our proven programs offer life-changing, wraparound services including mental health care, faith formation, job-skills training, adult education, financial skills classes, support services and the holistic care they need to disrupt cycles of homelessness, hunger and addiction.

While we do not encourage giving money, we DO encourage looking people in the eye, treating them with compassion and seeing their humanity. By handing someone in need a Ticket of Hope, perhaps with a protein bar, water or warm gloves, you can change the trajectory of their life so they can get off the streets for good.

You can print your ticket here, get a booklet of them from our locations and events, or host a Bags of Hope event to pack them in cinch sacks, along with other goods, to give to someone in need.