Tommy Gets Back On Track

Tommy grew up right here in St. Paul. The son of immigrants, he had a fairly typical childhood, though they experienced financial hardship. As an adult, Tommy worked and was able to co-sign on a home. But when he experienced identity theft and his parents divorced, his life began to unravel. Stress led to depression, and addiction crept in.

Tommy ended up on the streets, caught in a life he never wanted.

“My life had hit a rock bottom point. I needed a place where I could overcome my challenges,” Tommy reflected.

Without any options, he came to the Mission for a place to eat and sleep.

“I stayed on the cots here and there, just to kinda gather myself.” During one of those stays, he heard about the ACTS Training Program. He felt God leading him to the program to support his sobriety.

The program provided the structure, sober environment and mental health services he needed to gave him the chance to begin to heal. As he grew through the program, he was able to graduate the Adult Education and Training’s LifeNet program where he learned computer skills, communication skills, and was able to prepare a résumé.

Recently Tommy got a job in nutrition services at Regions Hospital. He remains in the ACTS Training Program’s final phase so he can stay in a sober environment with the support he needs as he prepares for his future outside the Mission.

“Being here reminds me that you don’t need drugs or alcohol to have fun. You don’t need to have friends who will lead you astray to have fun. The environment keeps you sober and clear-minded so you can succeed in life. God never promises it’s going to be easy. You have to surrender to God.”

Tommy was baptized in 2014, but says the narrow path was hard. Now he is attending church again and “giving everything up to God.” He has hope for his future and even wants to get married and have kids one day.

“I’ve entrusted myself into God’s hand and so far, He’s been good. He’s been merciful. The program has been good. It’s helped me get my life back together. I’m taking things one step at a time.”

Tommy sharing at the most recent Breakfast with a Resident event.