Video story: He walked 80 miles to the Mission

Watch: Rob’s story of hope in the midst of the storm

Being homeless is tough any time of year. But Rob says when the holidays hit and the weather outside is “outrageously cold,” the misery becomes unbearable.

“I’d store my stuff all over town in plastic bags,” he says. “To stay clean, I’d ‘birdbath’ a lot (wash up in gas station restrooms). The worst part was I didn’t see any way out of the hole I had dug for myself.”

He Just Didn’t Give Up

He was doing jail time in Menomonie, Wisconsin, when a fellow inmate told him about the Christ Recovery Center. When he got out, he started walking and kept walking — more than 80 miles — down Highway 29.

It was raining, he was dragging a small suitcase behind him, and his boots didn’t fit. But he didn’t give up. Eventually, he made it to the Mission — six days after his journey began.

See how Rob found hope in the midst of the storm. Watch and share.